What to wear for your session is often the biggest concern our clients have. Though session specific guidelines are detailed in the following section, all of our sessions encourage similar style selections like those below. 

We also recommend that you browse my Pinterest boards for specific examples of tonal ranges, textures, fabrics and tips. 

The main concept to keep in mind is to look for various textures, multiple layers, and neutral tones. Coordinating, but not matching, creates the perfect family wardrobe. 

Stay away from bright, primary colors, stiff shirts, distracting prints, characters, logos and lettering. 



  • It is best to wear at least some of your hair down, rather than abruptly pulled back. In portraits, hair pulled off the face tends to make faces appear wider than they naturally are. 
  • If you plan to have a haircut, to try schedule it at least a week before your session. 
  • For men, please come in with a fresh shave (unless you prefer a stubble look). Five o’clock shadows cannot be retouched.




    • Even if you don’t normally wear make up, we recommend a light foundation and powder to reduce shine and even out your skin tone. 
    • Keep make up tones neutral, but recognize that my camera sees less make up than the natural eye. A small amount of extra layering with your make up is a good idea, too — but no heavier than you would wear for a night out. 


    • Please remove any peeled nail polish, band aids, stickers or temporary tattoos. 
    • Chapstck for childen is almost always a good idea
    • Dress from head to toe, as poses may include your feet. 
    • Make sure undergarments (unwanted straps, etc) are not showing through your clothing. 
    • Wristwaches tend to cut off one’s hand in portraits and are a lighting distraction. Please consider leaving them at home. 
    • If you wear glasses, please consider removing the lenses for the session - especially if you use transition lenses.