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Belly to Baby Part 2: Baby | Chicago Newborn Photographer

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone


Snug As A Bug | Chicago Newborn Photographer

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says "Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.”  - Lewis Carroll from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass


All of Little Me | Chicago Newborn Photography

Another longtime client  with a very special arrival. Welcome to the world G. You're handsome from your toes to your nose. chicagonewbornphoto

Beautiful Boy | Chicago Newborn Photography

We always think it's so unfair that the boys are the ones with the longest lashes. Alas, not in this family. Big sister is blessed with an enviable set too. In fact, people have asked mom if she puts mascara on her daughter's lashes - they are that stunning- LN racecarnewborn5

Dainty Baby | Chicagoland Newborn Baby Photographs

She is everything that is perfect wrapped in lace, ribbons and bows and full of grace....- LN chicagonewbornphoto7

Cloth Diapers: Don't Turn Up Your Nose | Chicago Mommy Classes

It never occurred to me to use cloth diapers back in my boys' diaper days.  I did hear stories about the chemicals in disposable diapers, but I closed my ears. The alternatives didn't seem appealing, but if I had known about the convenience and the benefits of cloth diapers, who knows.... Here is YOUR chance to learn more about the amazing cloth diapering experience at "Cloth Diapering 101" presented by Green Diaper Babies. Find out how cloth diapering can help your child potty train faster, and learn about the environmental impact of disposable diapers so you can help save the planet for your children.

And most enticing: If you can't imagine the thought of washing dirty diapers,  find out how Green Diaper Babies diaper service will do the dirty work for you.

Photo courtesy of Green Diaper Babies

Tuesday, April 29, 2014, 6:30 p.m.

at Prenatal Fit, 1937 W. Diversey, Chicago

$10/person -- $15/couple


Can't make it on April 29th? Check-out the encore class on May 20th.

And introducing Prenatal Fit. A brand new woman's gym for before, during, and after pregnancy (with babysitting available!)

Stay tuned for more info about our new friends, Green Diaper Babies and Prenatal Fit. Soben Studios is proud to support local small business, and we have an extra place in our hearts for mommy-owned businesses.

Twice as Nice | Newborn Twin Photography

newborntwinphotography Love these little babies! We just can't get enough of twins. So fun to pose them entwined and snuggly like they were in the womb. This brother-sister duo could not have been any more cooperative. Hope they keep it up for mommy and daddy. - LN

Catching Some Zzzzzzzz's / Chicago Suburbs Newborn Photographer

Tired baby, tired mommy (and daddy), not that you'd ever know by looking at these delightful parents. We LOVE sleepy babies -- almost as much  their parents. Thank you, M family for sharing your little princess with us. We'll look forward to seeing her when she's a bright-eyed, busy toddler. LNchicagosuburbsnewbornphotography

Little Love / North Shore Newborn Photographer

Some babies just make this seem so easy. Like this little one, who was a sleepy bundle of love. I can't stop looking at this sweetie! - LN

Baby Boy | Chicagoland Newborn Photographer

I was so excited to meet baby D an his loving parents. Not only was D so much fun to pose, he was even more fun to hold. Look at his adorableness - so sweet. I just love how handsome he looks on our new blue rug, too. Can't wait to watch you grow, little buddy!!!!


Simply Baby | Chicago Newborn Photographer

you are perfect in every detail ... simply ... perfect, baby.


Happy Brand New Year | Chicago Baby Photographer

May your new year be full of love, laughter, joy and hope.

Good Karma to All!

First of all, let’s re-emphasize the point that all moms are working moms! Now let’s talk about mom4profit. As you may recall from an earlier post, Laurie is a member of mom4profit, a diverse group of women who are juggling being moms with being entrepreneurs.  Being a mom is a 24/7 job; growing your own business is a 24/7 job. You do the math…. How do these Energizer bunnies do it?! Let’s meet some of these hard-working (sleep-deprived) mom4profit women and spotlight their professional endeavors.

Meet Allison Harris of Highland Park, owner of Karma Healing Solutions. Allison is a clinical esthetician  who uses customized blends of natural remedies and aromatherapy to create individualized treatments and therapies for a variety of conditions ranging from stress reduction and sleep problems, to sinus infections and skin conditions. Her natural remedies are free of synthetic chemicals, dyes, fragrance and harmful toxic chemicals.

Allison enjoys educating people about using common at-home holistic remedies and conducts workshops and wellness events on various topics pertaining to natural living, holistic health, and wellness for families. Karma Healing Solutions “spa parties” are hugely popular! As a “mom’treprener,”  Allison is clearly a walking testimonial Karma Healing Solutions’ effectiveness in promoting stress reduction and good karma.  

We’d also like to do a shout-out to Bright Pink. Allison is thrilled to be presenting a pampering and educational workshop for the women of Bright Pink.  Bright Pink is a national non-profit organization that provides education and support to young women who are at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. By arming young women with knowledge, options and a great attitude, Bright Pink offers support and companionship and strives to empower women to take control of their breast and ovarian health and in turn, grant them the freedom and peace of mind to live a beautiful and fulfilling life. Thanks, Allison, for making us aware of this fantastic organization!

Welcome, Brand New.

This little peanut was one of the sweetest, most cooperative newborns we've had the pleasure of photographing. I just had to share these shots. It was a pleasure to meet you, baby "L". Thanks for coming in from Chicago for your newborn photography session!  Do you see her smiling at me??? She did that a lot - so content in Mom's arms.