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Ready to Roll | Chicago Suburban Newborn Photography

You've met this young man before surrounded by Daddy's tools. Did you look closely and notice anything unusual about the image? Here's a hint:  He wasn't nestled in a basket. Nor was he posed in a bowl - both of which are common newborn props. He was snuggly inside a tire! Brand new, of course, courtesy of Daddy (a collector of vintage automobiles).

Some people fall asleep in the car. Who would have thought you could fall asleep in a tire? -- LN


Beautiful Boy | Chicago Newborn Photography

We always think it's so unfair that the boys are the ones with the longest lashes. Alas, not in this family. Big sister is blessed with an enviable set too. In fact, people have asked mom if she puts mascara on her daughter's lashes - they are that stunning- LN racecarnewborn5

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines | Chicago Newborn Photographer

Looks like someone is getting geared-up to be Daddy's little helper.  You could say this gives new meaning to the concept of “sleep training.” - LNRacingnewborn

Snuggle | Chicagoland Newborn Photography

chicagonewbornphoto10 Will this winter EVER end?! What would you give to stay in bed on these cold mornings, snug a a bug in a rug? This sweet pea surely has the right idea. What a little bundle of love. - LN

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother / Chicago Newborn Sibling Photography

chicagonewbornphoto9So happy that one of our favorite families is back with their new addition! This little man could not have been a more enjoyable newborn portrait subject, which makes sense; his big brother is a great role model! We love working with toddlers, especially one who is so cooperative AND willing to share the spotlight with a new sibling. Looking forward so seeing you all again.

Catching Some Zzzzzzzz's / Chicago Suburbs Newborn Photographer

Tired baby, tired mommy (and daddy), not that you'd ever know by looking at these delightful parents. We LOVE sleepy babies -- almost as much  their parents. Thank you, M family for sharing your little princess with us. We'll look forward to seeing her when she's a bright-eyed, busy toddler. LNchicagosuburbsnewbornphotography

Little Love / North Shore Newborn Photographer

Some babies just make this seem so easy. Like this little one, who was a sleepy bundle of love. I can't stop looking at this sweetie! - LN

What a Year!! | Chicago Family Photographers

Compiling favorite images of the year is a daunting task - because I personally love so many of the images, and all of our clients!! However, the big task is complete, and I can't wait to share our year in review slideshow below. Clients, if you don't see your sweet faces in the movie below, please don't think "you didn't make the cut".  Rather, your are not depicted because we did not have a signed model release from you on file. :)) Proudly, we present our 2012 year in review. Thank you so much for making us smile ... every day.


Opposites Attract | Chicago Baby Photographer Chicago Suburbs Newborn

We loved mixing textures and creating contrast for this shot: The juxtaposition of the delicate floral garland and the raw burlap blanket, the blissful baby nestled cozily in a wooden crate. Thanks, Baby K. We couldn't have done it without you! -- LN

Baby in Blue | Chicago Baby Photographer | Chicago Newborn Photographer

We are all feeling blue after indulging in too much candy .... hoping the image below is a much better version of feeling blue. Happy November!


Bitty Baby | Newborn Baby Photographer

Fingers, toes, that sweet little nose...Every itty bitty part of her is a genuine miracle. These shots are truly classics. And you don't even believe how tiny she is until you see her next to your two-year-old (who is now amazingly gigantic).  

Little Boy Blue / Chicago Baby Newborn Photographer

  Baby C, you were a delight to photograph! How content and peaceful you are. No wonder mom looks amazing mere weeks after your birth. We predict smooth sailing. Please come visit soon!

I know just how she feels!!

I have so many wonderful newborn photography sessions to post about ... just have not had the time. I was lucky enough to spend a week in Arizona visiting family, and since coming home I've stayed up quite late each night as I work on catching up ... this image sums up my feelings exactly!!! Don't get me wrong.. I love every minute of working on the images - just looking forward to being fully caught up so I can then catch up on a little sleep. Enjoy this 14 day old cutie! So many more of her coming soon!



You make me smile like the sun, fall out of bedSing like bird, dizzy in my head Spin like a record, crazy on a Sunday night

You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breathe Shine like gold, buzz like a bee Just the thought of you can drive me wild Oh, you make me smile

- Uncle Kracker

Friendly Faces

I've been blessed to photograph this family several times. Truly, it is a pleasure watching their family grow. This past session was a joyous one, as we photographed the newest addition to their clan! Such a gorgeous newborn --- and her brother was a ton of fun, too. Thanks for welcoming me back into your home, WD family. It is like visiting old friends.

Proud big brother!

She is smiling at me! All of 5 days old and I get a grin .... I love my job.

Her feet remind me of a heart - they should as she is so surrounded by love.