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Boys in Blue Part 2 Chicago Family Photographer


A family portrait session outdoors quite often turns into family playtime. This mama loves her three boys in blue. The brothers had a ball exploring and running around. Mom and dad also had fun and shared a few laughs during this portrait session!

Boys in Blue Part 1 Chicago Family Photographer


We love these boys in blue. Their gorgeous blue eyes popped with their tops during their outdoor portrait session. These were two boys on the move but we captured some amazing portraits of each of them.

Silly Saucer Chicago Child Photographer


This silly one year old was so much fun to photograph! She gave us tons of smiles during her portrait session and loved all of our props we use for the in-studio portrait sessions. Her expressions were too cute!

Celebrating the Big One Part 2 Chicago Child Photography


We saved the cake for last!! One year old portrait sessions are a blast. Every child handles the cake smash differently. This little darling enjoyed every single bite but we think the frosting was a bigger hit than the cake itself:). Her toes even made it into the side of the cake. The images of her are priceless!

What a Sweetheart Part 2 Chicago Baby Photography


We love when a baby warms up to us and shows off her skills:). She enjoying singing to us and being ever so happy even towards the end of the portrait session. She was darling inside and out!

Two Months of Cuteness Chicago Baby Photographer


Some photographers shy away from two-month-old shoots, but we welcome them with open arms, and this is cutie shows just how fun it can be!  Loving this little doll and her perfect pout.  So snugly and sweet!

9 Months of Princess Life Part Two Chicago Baby Photographer


Our little princess is back, and this time with her sweet parents!  We just adore all kinds of family snuggles, and it makes us so happy to capture each and every one we're lucky enough to meet.  Just look at that babydoll's smile! Lucky us.

9 Months of Princess Life Part One Chicago Baby Photographer


Nine months old is such a great age, isn't it?  Personality and smiles and an emerging little person all still in a baby sized package!  This little princess showed us nothing but cuteness in our session and here is part one of her adorable day, stay tuned for part two soon!

Those Eyes! One Year Session Chicago Baby Photographer


Well, we may be a bit behind on this one (he may be around two now...), but it was too cute to leave off the blog!  We've been photographing this family and their cuties for awhile, and dreamy eyes is featured here in his one year session looking cute as ever!  Thank you to this fabulous family for always thinking of us for these memories, we just love watching these dolls grow.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines | Chicago Newborn Photographer

Looks like someone is getting geared-up to be Daddy's little helper.  You could say this gives new meaning to the concept of “sleep training.” - LNRacingnewborn

Check Out Those Pink Suede Boots | Chicago North Shore Kids Photographer

Full of style, and also grace. How I adore this toddler, and her family!! chicagotoddlerportrait

A Walk in the Woods / Chicago Suburbs Family Photography

chicagofamilyphotographer2One of our favorite portrait sessions of the year. (Okay, we say that all the time.) This family had such a loving spirit, we had a blast photographing them,  even if it wasn't so fun for big brother who proved to be a sweet treat for the mosquitoes. Family photographs and bug bites - what a good sport! - LN

Old Friends | Chicago Children's Photography

chicagochildrenphotoIt's amazing to have watched these kids grow up while time has stood still for us. Holy cow! It's one of the bittersweet parts of our job: the constant reminder that time marches on. So great to see you again, G kids. Love you! - LN

Simple Pleasures / North Shore Family Photography

S blogWhat a delight it was to meet the S family! Grandma and Grandpa came along for moral support, which proved to be an extra special surprise for me: Grandma was my fourth grade teacher (a long, long, long time ago), and one of my all-time faves! Lucky children to have such a special grandparents, and lucky grandparents to have such wonderful grandchildren. - LN

Into the Woods | Chicago Children's Photography

"The prettier the flower, the farther from the path".  - Red Riding Hood, Into The Woods [Stephen Sondheim, James Lapine] intothewoods

Ruffles & Roses | Chicago North Shore Baby Photography

Saka chicagobabyphotography  

This princess is the light of her parents' life, and she was one of our all-time most cooperative little ones. We're so glad to have met you! Looking forward to seeing you again soon, and creating more imagery together.


Supporting Some Very Special Moms | Giving Back

Karen Dove Cabral FoundationSometimes life feels really tough, especially for moms with young children. But imagine being a young mom and discovering you have breast cancer, or even worse, being pregnant, raising young children, and learning you have breast cancer.

Enter the Evanston-based Karen Dove Cabral Foundation, a one-of-a-kind resource for young mothers battling breast cancer while managing the same challenges we all face in raising children. Unlike other organizations that are dedicated to raising money to combat breast cancer, the Karen Dove Cabral Foundation is unique in its focus on improving the quality of life for young mothers fighting breast cancer, and providing vital assistance by paying for critical treatments and services not covered by insurance.

Please join Soben Studios in supporting this fantastic organization.

On Friday, October 18th, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm, at Equinox, 799 Central Avenue, Highland Park, come enjoy a fun and memorable evening with food, drinks, a silent auction, and a yoga practice for all levels benefiting the Karen Dove Cabral Foundation.

$25 donation is suggested. ALL money goes directly to the Karen Dove Cabral Foundation.

For more information, and to reserve your spot, please contact , Amy Levy, Sara Lewis  or Beth Prager .

Who Says Blondes Have More Fun? / North Shore Teen Photography

Do these sisters really get along this well? Makes me really wish I had a sister. Mom pulled off a great surprise for Dad's new office: a photo session and a wall gallery! What a priceless gift -- it makes every day Father's Day. - LN

Spring Fever / Chicago Family Photography

It was a warm winter, but a cold spring, and it felt like forever before we could finally get outdoors to shoot. What lively fun with had with the K family. Gotta love the "'tash!" Oh, and this mom knows that sometimes it takes more than a sense of humor to navigate parenthood: an extra set of hands can be invaluable. Check out her fab services (which we can personally highly recommend!) First Class Care and  Chicago Mommy Concierge. Whether you need help in the home, help with the kids, or help planning for a new baby, Erin can help YOU out.


Smiles and Secrets / Chicago suburbs kids photographer

Two girls very special to us! We can't look at your images without smiling, P & B. Sisters are best friends with silly private jokes that only you two understand. Your fun-loving spirit is infectious. - LN