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Big Brother 1 of 2 Chicago Maternity Photographer


What a gorgeous morning to document this beautiful pregnant mama with her boys! We always look forward to spending time with our clients at the beach for our dreamy maternity portrait sessions. The soon-to-be big brother could not have been happier to be part of this experience! The session turned into a fun family playdate. We are thrilled to meet the new baby brother at his newborn session in our studio. 

Glowing Mama-to-Be! Part Three Happy Mother's Day! Chicago Maternity Photographer



Oh how we love mothers, we ARE mothers, and are thrilled to capture amazing moms like the one featured here today!  Wrapping up our beautiful three-part maternity session today feels so good on a day celebrating all things Mommy!  Stay tuned next week to meet the sweet baby that belongs to this beautiful mom!

From all of us in the Soben Family, to all our friends, clients, and loved ones, Happy Mother's Day!  What a wonderful thing, to be and love a mom!

Belly to Baby Part 1: Belly | Chicago Maternity Photographer

Before you were conceived I wanted you
Before you were born I loved you
Before you were here an hour I would die for you
This is the miracle of Mother's Love
- Maureen Hawkins

Characteristics of a Mother | Chicago Maternity Photographer

Perfection shines through a wonderful, strong, and courageous woman. It takes all of these to become a mother. Even the imperfect only shines in her beauty and poise.  


Beauty in Darkness | Chicago Maternity Photographer

Even in darkness you can see the beauty in this woman. Living in the city with two boys so close in age  presents the wildest of adventures -- and the best of memories. chicagomaternityphoto