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Tiny and New Part Three Chicago Newborn Photographer



Here is the last little sneak peek of our newborn series from this week, and what a little angel note to end on.  Just loving this darling girl's everything!

Tiny and New Part Two Chicago Newborn Photographer


Part two of this sweet baby today!  Look at that hair,  that yawn, and that sweetie smooshy baby!

Tiny and New Part One Chicago Newborn Photographer


Remember our glowing Mama-to-Be from our Mother's Day series?  Well, here is her newest, tiniest, sweetest little addition.  We just love this adorable family, and be sure to stay tuned for more from this sweet session later this week!

Baby Peanut and Big Brother Part Two Chicago Newborn Photographer


Happy Leap Day! Here's a tiny baby to make your Leap Day extra sweet! Here is part two of our little darling peanut!  This little boy was perfectly sleepy and let us play with some new setups, making this one of Laurie's favorite new sessions.  Thank you for being such an angel, tiny sweets.

Baby Peanut and Big Brother Part One Chicago Newborn Photographer


This little peanut is a honey!  New brothers, new baby, new family of four, and all kinds of sweetness! Thank you for letting us peek into some darling first moments in your new family, baby peanut.  Stay tuned for part two on the blog....

Bare Necessities | Chicago Baby Photographer


Head, Shoulders Knees & Toes | Chicago Baby Photographer

How I love every one of those.


Toes | Chicago Baby Photographer

"A baby makes footprints in our hearts that never dim or fade." - Unknown


Hair | Chicago Baby Portraits

That hair though. Soft. Fun. Baby hair.


Fly Me To The Moon | Chicago Baby Photographer

Fly me to the moonLet me play among the stars Let me see what spring is like On Jupiter and Mars

- Frank Sinatra


Baby In A Basket | Chicago Newborn Photographer

Love the simple snuggle. Wouldn't you like to cuddle up with this bundle of joy?


Little Love | Chicago Newborn Photographer

Two of my favorite loves... newborn yawns and newborn eyes. Sure, curly, sleepy newborn images are sublime ... but an yawning newborn gets me every time.

chicago baby photograph, chicagoland newborn photograph

Exhale | Chicago Newborn Photographer

...with an exhale those days bring perfection.

chicago baby photograph, chicagoland newborn photograph

twice as nice | Chicago Newborn Photographer

No doubt that any baby photographer worth her salt will tell you that two and three months are hard ages to photograph. The same photographer will also tell you that twins of that age can make an especially challenging session. BUT those photographers never met these sweet peanuts. Honestly I was nervous going into the session, only to be so relieved and proud of the images that resulted. The girls were just delightful to work with, and we were able to achieve some wonderful poses. These twins were NOT double trouble, they were simply twice as nice.