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Before and After Part 5 Chicago Newborn and Maternity Photographer

Chicago Newborn Photographer,Chicagoland Newborn Pictures,
Chicago Newborn Photographer,Chicagoland Newborn Pictures,

Part Five brings our before and after transformation session to an end.  We started with an amazing woman, and are ending with her amazing daughter.  So thankful we got to document the amazingness of womb to birth with this remarkable family!

Before and After Part 4 Chicago Newborn and Maternity Photographer


This darling princess revealed!  Part Four of our before and after is all about this precious baby, and that tiny, perfect face.  In love, we are all in love.

Before and After Part 3 Chicago Newborn and Maternity Photographer


Part Three of our before and after session, and the baby is here!  Hope you're enjoying the transformation of this amazing woman, who can extend her resume from dog-whispering-rescuing-veterinarian, include mother! Look at that little face! *swoon*

Before and After Part 2 Chicago Newborn and Maternity Photographer


Part Two of our gorgeous before and after is so fun today!  In case you missed it, this amazing woman is a veterinarian and dog whispering rescuer, who is now an fab mama.  Watch for her transformation into mother coming!

Before and After Part 1 Chicago Maternity and Newborn Photographer


We love a before and after!  This woman is amazing. She is a veterinarian, a dog rescuer, a dog whisperer, and now a fabulous mother.  What a privilege to get to photograph this great beauty!  Stay tuned, her after is coming... :)

Mama-To-Be Before and After Part 2 Chicago Maternity Photographer

Chicago Maternity Photographer,Chicagoland Pregnancy Portraits,
Chicago Maternity Photographer,Chicagoland Pregnancy Portraits,

Part two of this beautiful mother-to-be, and she was just stunning in our studio!  The gauzy dress and the great light on this beauty was wonderful, and be sure to stay tuned for parts three and four when we all got to meet this darling baby!

Mama-To-Be Before and After Part 1 Chicago Maternity Photographer


A long tutu and a glowing mother-to-be?  Count us IN!  We love this four part series, because we get to capture the beauty of pregnancy, then the miracle of the new baby!  Stay tuned for the next posts coming, to watch the transformation!

Glowing with Baby Three! Chicago Maternity Photographer Chicago Family Photographer


Can you believe she is preggo with number THREE? What a beautiful Mama and family!  We love this family, and have loved watching them grow.  We can't wait for these adorable brothers to meet their baby sister and visit us for her newborn photos next month!

Anticipated Gift | Chicago Maternity Photographer

A grand adventure is about to begin.- Winnie the Pooh


Beauty and Grace | Chicago Maternity Portraits

She is a reflection of grace in a season of excitement, anticipation, and wonder. Together, they are one of the most tender, gentle and loving couples I've had the good fortune to photograph.


Belly to Baby Part 1: Belly | Chicago Maternity Photographer

Before you were conceived I wanted you
Before you were born I loved you
Before you were here an hour I would die for you
This is the miracle of Mother's Love
- Maureen Hawkins

Characteristics of a Mother | Chicago Maternity Photographer

Perfection shines through a wonderful, strong, and courageous woman. It takes all of these to become a mother. Even the imperfect only shines in her beauty and poise.  


Beauty in Darkness | Chicago Maternity Photographer

Even in darkness you can see the beauty in this woman. Living in the city with two boys so close in age  presents the wildest of adventures -- and the best of memories. chicagomaternityphoto

Glowing from Within | Chicago Pregnancy Portraits

Chicago pregnancy portraits, fine art maternity There are women who are "pregnant on TV," as in looking like there is a little basketball is in their bellies, and then there are the rest of us, who pack on the pounds, can't get our rings on, and require a table rather than a booth at the ice cream parlor. (I speak from experience.) We see all shapes and sizes at our studio.  This new mama, was "pregnant on TV," a petite, elegant beauty, so poised in front of our camera, a delight to photograph. -LN