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Glowing Mama-to-Be! Part Two Chicago Maternity Photographer Chicago Family Photographer


We are back with Part Two of this gorgeous mama-to-be!  How wonderful is this floaty dress?! We just love celebrating mamas, and this one made us so happy behind the lens!  Stay tuned for Part Three on Mother's Day!

Glowing Mama-to-Be! Part One Chicago Maternity Photographer Chicago Family Photographer


It's alllllllllmost Mother's Day, so we thought we'd bring you three days of a glowing mama-to-be!  It's no secret we love mamas and all things babies, and watching a family grow makes us infinitely happy and honored to be a part of such memories!  This gorgeous lady here couldn't have been more wonderful to work with, or more beautiful in front of the camera!  More to come from this sweet session!

Beauty and Grace | Chicago Maternity Portraits

She is a reflection of grace in a season of excitement, anticipation, and wonder. Together, they are one of the most tender, gentle and loving couples I've had the good fortune to photograph.


Glowing from Within | Chicago Pregnancy Portraits

Chicago pregnancy portraits, fine art maternity There are women who are "pregnant on TV," as in looking like there is a little basketball is in their bellies, and then there are the rest of us, who pack on the pounds, can't get our rings on, and require a table rather than a booth at the ice cream parlor. (I speak from experience.) We see all shapes and sizes at our studio.  This new mama, was "pregnant on TV," a petite, elegant beauty, so poised in front of our camera, a delight to photograph. -LN