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Pretty and Poised | Chicago Commercial Photographer

Is it my distorted memory, or are young adults simply more beautiful than we used to be? I look back at my high school photos and wince: curly hair before the invention of "product." You get the picture - and it isn't as  pretty as our model below. This young woman has beauty AND brains, a heart of gold and a strong family behind her .... AND ambitious plans for a future in theater. We're sure you'll go far, D! Just promise, you'll remember us when.... - LN chicagoteenportrait

From the Heart / Philanthropy

heartland When we think Valentine's Day, we think hearts, and just like you, we are tickled by adorable Valentine's Day images - one of our few opportunities to embrace props and cutesy. But, in the true spirit of celebrating love, we want to showcase these beautiful people, each of whom knows the real meaning of giving and receiving a gift from the heart. Every year, it is Laurie's privilege to contribute to Heartland Blood Centers' annual calendar by photographing regular people with exceptional stories. It's an honor for us to meet these special people who give us the gift of inspiration, and truly touch our hearts. - LN

Spunk & Smiles

Talent runs in the family! This up-and-comer is full of charm and beauty, and has the BEST laugh - the kind that makes you laugh! She brought us warmth on a chilly "we're-pretending-it's-spring" kind of day. Not only does she model but she will even be performing - with mom - in a musical theater production this summer. Big things are coming your way, N!

Head's Up!

Laura and I both enjoyed the shoot we spent with this young man. He was so polite, and easy to work with. Thanks for coming into the studio on such a cold day, "B"! You were such a trooper - and I hope the homework didn't get you down.

Fabulous Model

We had a great time working with this mom and daughter-- so glad we spent the morning together. And would you believe ... she is as NICE as she is BEAUTIFUL. 013IMG_8296016IMG_8300032IMG_8319055IMG_8351069IMG_8371101IMG_8407112IMG_8418120IMG_8437130IMG_8449

Dancing "D"

First of all ... would you believe that all of these images were shot in the pouring rain??????? (Except the studio ones, of course). What a trooper this girl is ... and what a beauty she is, too. I hope you enjoy these images from one of Chicago's Top Models!!! 03IMG_088309IMG_089128IMG_092339IMG_093644IMG_094448IMG_0952

Mpowered Kids, Inc

I am so honored, and absolutely thrilled, to be a part of Mpowered Kids, Inc. Mpowered Kids is a theater program for children of different learning styles. We find and feature each child's unique talent in a production. The group is a team of amazing professionals, many of whom I had the opportunity to photograph at our fabulous "cast party" at Kevin's Place last week - and some of whom some of you may recognize. Thank you, all, for your time and smiles-- your headshots are great! Let's get the media kits rolling!

An All Time Fave

I've had the pleasure of knowing and photographing this young man and his brother for many years. I always look forward to their sessions, and I know I am in for a good time -- as you can tell! We had a blast, and I can't wait to do it again next year. Isn't he adorable??????  

Uncommon Incommon

She is not commonly, that is for sure. In fact, she is beautiful, with a great spirit. But yet we had a lot in common - I used to live just down the street from her when I was her age. My daughter ice skates at the same place that she does. So as random as our connections were, I felt very connected to her - and we all had an uncommonly good time.