Chicago Family Photographer

Boys in Blue Part 2 Chicago Family Photographer


A family portrait session outdoors quite often turns into family playtime. This mama loves her three boys in blue. The brothers had a ball exploring and running around. Mom and dad also had fun and shared a few laughs during this portrait session!

Boys in Blue Part 1 Chicago Family Photographer


We love these boys in blue. Their gorgeous blue eyes popped with their tops during their outdoor portrait session. These were two boys on the move but we captured some amazing portraits of each of them.

Simply a Natural Chicago Child Photography


We have been photographing this little boy since he was a newborn. From day one he has been so comfortable around the camera during his in-studio portrait sessions. We provide little direction because he really knows how to give us his best smile. Towards the end of his portrait session he took a break to gaze out the window. Simply a natural in our portrait studio!

All Suited Up Part 2 Chicago Family Photography


During the second half of the family portrait session this little boy decided to take off his suit jacket and explore! There happened to be a school bus parked for the weekend near our portrait location. He loved looking in, seeing his reflection and making funny faces in the window.

All Suited Up Part 1 Chicago Family Photography


Left right kisses for this adorable little guy during his outdoor portrait session. He loved showing off his handsome style while strolling back and forth for his portraits. He did find a perfect location to take a break at the end of the portrait session to sit and relax in the greens!

Baby on the Move Chicago Baby Photographer


We had no problem capturing beautiful portraits of this baby on the move! He was totally content wearing only his diaper during this in-studio portrait session. What a sweet little boy!

Fall Coloring Chicago Family Photography


We have enjoyed working with these two since they were toddlers! Their coloring is pure beauty when we photograph them outdoors during the fall months. They always make each other laugh when it is time for the individual portraits. They make us giggle too during their portrait sessions! We adore these siblings!

Silly Saucer Chicago Child Photographer


This silly one year old was so much fun to photograph! She gave us tons of smiles during her portrait session and loved all of our props we use for the in-studio portrait sessions. Her expressions were too cute!

Play Leaves Chicago Family Photographer


We love when our portrait sessions turn into play sessions! The best portraits can be captured when the subjects don’t know whey are being photographed. These siblings could have spent hours playing in the leaves together.

Cute as a Button Chicago Newborn Photographer


Such a cutie! She loved snuggling with our soft organic fabrics during her newborn portrait session. She gave us a big stretch at the end of the portrait session and popped her toes right out of her swaddle!

Little Brother's Turn Part 1 Chicago Newborn Photography


It seems like yesterday that we had this little girl in the studio for newborn portraits. She now is a big sister and it’s her brother’s turn to be photographed as a newborn. There were so many giggles and hugs and kisses during this portrait session. This little girl is a very proud big sister and her kisses to her brother were simply precious!

Celebrating the Big One Part 2 Chicago Child Photography


We saved the cake for last!! One year old portrait sessions are a blast. Every child handles the cake smash differently. This little darling enjoyed every single bite but we think the frosting was a bigger hit than the cake itself:). Her toes even made it into the side of the cake. The images of her are priceless!

Celebrating the Big One Part 1 Chicago Child Photography


How fast one year can go by?! We photographed this beautiful girl when she was under 2 weeks old! We love watching our newborns grow up. She was the cutest toddler doing her best to stand up on her own. We provided a little assistance for her though:). She really enjoyed showing off her new tutu in our photography studio too!

Little Sis and Big Bro Part 2 Chicago Children's Photographer


Nothing better than photographing at a forest preserve on a gorgeous day with a fun-loving family! The kids also enjoyed holding hands with their parents while strolling along the various paths during their portrait session. Truly a picture perfect day!

Little Sis and Big Bro Part 1 Chicago Children's Photographer


We witnessed the beautiful bond between these siblings during their outdoor portrait session. This little sister looks up to her big brother and he absolutely adores her. These images show their love and friendship towards one another. They were so much fun to photograph at the forest preserve!

What a Sweetheart Part 2 Chicago Baby Photography


We love when a baby warms up to us and shows off her skills:). She enjoying singing to us and being ever so happy even towards the end of the portrait session. She was darling inside and out!

All Curled Up Chicago Newborn Photographer


This adorable baby boy was SO content curling up with our organic fabrics in our Highwood photography studio. He slept through the majority of the newborn portrait session and provided us with the cutest newborn noises while sleeping. We created beautiful portraits for his parents and grandparents to cherish for a lifetime.

Jumping into Fall Part 1 Chicago Family Photography


Outdoor portrait sessions can be some of our favorite sessions when we jump into the fall season! This fun-loving family of four was put to the challenge of who could jump the highest. Their laughter could be heard throughout the park! Both girls were determined to jump higher than their parents during this portrait session. Everyone was a winner in our book!!

Surrounded By Love Part 3 Chicago Family Photography

Ilona daughters2017_0075.jpg

Sisters who laugh together love together too. During their in-studio portrait session the sisters enjoyed making one another laugh during the "serious" portraits. We were so entertained by their interactions. A sister will always be there to make the other one giggle and gleam. They are beautiful little ladies inside and out!

Surrounded By Love Part 2 Chicago Family Photography

Ilona son's collage_0072.jpg

This little guy was the star during the in-studio portrait session. We could photograph him all day! Oh those beautiful big eyes! He found out quickly how fun it was to pull on his suspenders too!