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From the Heart / Philanthropy

heartland When we think Valentine's Day, we think hearts, and just like you, we are tickled by adorable Valentine's Day images - one of our few opportunities to embrace props and cutesy. But, in the true spirit of celebrating love, we want to showcase these beautiful people, each of whom knows the real meaning of giving and receiving a gift from the heart. Every year, it is Laurie's privilege to contribute to Heartland Blood Centers' annual calendar by photographing regular people with exceptional stories. It's an honor for us to meet these special people who give us the gift of inspiration, and truly touch our hearts. - LN

Head's Up!

Laura and I both enjoyed the shoot we spent with this young man. He was so polite, and easy to work with. Thanks for coming into the studio on such a cold day, "B"! You were such a trooper - and I hope the homework didn't get you down.

Hating what happened in Haiti... and want to help.

Certainly everyone feels for the people of Haiti. In an effort to help in ways that we can, a portion of all sales for the month of January will go to UNICEF (this includes sessions booked in January that will take place in future months). UNICEF has issued a statement that "Children are always the most vulnerable population in any natural disaster, and UNICEF is there for them". If you are not planning on booking a session or holding your ordering session this month, please consider making a donation by visiting the following link:

The B Boys were a Blast

It was an honor to photograph these two AMAZING brothers. They are such a handsome, photogenic, talented, funny, adorable, smart team -- and I know you will see much, much more of them! You may know them already. Soooooo - obviously I really had a great time with their shoot - I have way too many shots I liked - here is what I narrowed it down to!


Celebrating Life

Every one of the subjects posted below suffered a trauma requiring a blood transfusion. And every one of them lived to tell their story. Because of people like you, these beautiful folks were given the gift of life - because someone just like you donated their blood. Give life. Donate blood today. For a local center near you, visit Heartland Blood Centers. The project below is part of a larger campaign celebrating the lives of donor recipients, and those that donate.

Uncommon Incommon

She is not commonly, that is for sure. In fact, she is beautiful, with a great spirit. But yet we had a lot in common - I used to live just down the street from her when I was her age. My daughter ice skates at the same place that she does. So as random as our connections were, I felt very connected to her - and we all had an uncommonly good time.


Need I say more? What woman doesn't love the chance to play with jewely? So when Laurie called for another photo shoot, of course I said yes! Here is a sneak peak of the new line. If you'd like to get YOUR hands on some gold (or silver or turquoise...), let me know and I will put you in touch.

From far, far away...

Something about this girl did remind me of Fiona (we watch entirely too much Shrek over here...) - and she did come from far, far away to visit us. Of course, I am talking about the non-ogre version of Fiona! Boy, am I glad she did! Our session was so refreshing - and I still can't get over her hair. Naturally beautiful. Enjoy.

Pretty in Pink (and blue and purple...)

Sometimes you just know when someone is going to do well -- and this girl is no exception. She is smart, talented, funny-- and doesn't the camera just love her?!! I know you're waiting for these, K, so here they are! You did a great job.