Best chicago area newborn photographer

Honored! Chicagoland Award Winner Chicago Photographer

It is with heartfelt appreciation that we humbly announce that Soben Studios has been awarded the 2016 Best of Chicagoland Award!  We are thrilled to receive this news, and so honored to have been a recipient of these awards for the past three years.  We are excited and honored, especially to be recognized among such a distinguished group of fellow photographers.  Thank you, Chicagoland Awards, for making our week!

Tiny and New Part Three Chicago Newborn Photographer



Here is the last little sneak peek of our newborn series from this week, and what a little angel note to end on.  Just loving this darling girl's everything!

Tiny and New Part Two Chicago Newborn Photographer


Part two of this sweet baby today!  Look at that hair,  that yawn, and that sweetie smooshy baby!

Tiny and New Part One Chicago Newborn Photographer


Remember our glowing Mama-to-Be from our Mother's Day series?  Well, here is her newest, tiniest, sweetest little addition.  We just love this adorable family, and be sure to stay tuned for more from this sweet session later this week!

Glowing with Baby Three! Chicago Maternity Photographer Chicago Family Photographer


Can you believe she is preggo with number THREE? What a beautiful Mama and family!  We love this family, and have loved watching them grow.  We can't wait for these adorable brothers to meet their baby sister and visit us for her newborn photos next month!

Baby Peanut and Big Brother Part Two Chicago Newborn Photographer


Happy Leap Day! Here's a tiny baby to make your Leap Day extra sweet! Here is part two of our little darling peanut!  This little boy was perfectly sleepy and let us play with some new setups, making this one of Laurie's favorite new sessions.  Thank you for being such an angel, tiny sweets.

Baby Peanut and Big Brother Part One Chicago Newborn Photographer


This little peanut is a honey!  New brothers, new baby, new family of four, and all kinds of sweetness! Thank you for letting us peek into some darling first moments in your new family, baby peanut.  Stay tuned for part two on the blog....

We Love Our Clients! Happy Valentine's Day! Chicago Photographer

Happy Valentine's Day Soben Family! We wanted to use this holiday of hearts and kisses to share some things we love most, and at the top of our list is our amazing client family!  Before we get into the amazing end-of-year slideshow featuring of all the fabulous and adorable faces we got to capture this year created by our leader extraordinaire, Laurie, we thought we'd give you a snippet of us, and some things we L-O-V-E!

Laurie Loves: Valentine's Day is the birthday of Laurie's beloved grandmother (98 this year!), so this day is special in two ways for her.  She loves making Valentine's boxes with her children, strong coffee in the morning, and the ever-elusive jeans that fit right all day without getting looser as the hours go by (AKA the unicorn of all jeans).  She also loves working with Jenn, Ellen and Jenny ...  everyone that we meet through the studio!

Jenn Loves: Jenn loves any and everything homemade, as long as it's not the clothes she's wearing. :) Her family has a big bin of clothing and fabric discards (endless pairs of ripped leggings frequent this box) that her daughters use to make fun, crafty items with, and she loves seeing what they've dreamt up. She also loves fill-in-the-blank notes from her girls, such as, "My mom is the best at ____."  Such sweet and funny notes come from these!  Also, a little dark chocolate is never wrong by Jenn.

Jenny Loves: Dr Pepper!  She knows she should start with something like, "My adorable daughter and newborn son," but honestly, Dr. Pepper comes to mind first.  She also loves dance parties to anything with a strong hip-hop beat and trying to think up more appropriate lyrics when her daughter is asking what they're singing during said dance parties.  She also loves six hours of consecutive sleep from her newborn, hair that is freshly touched up, and books that you can't put down.

Ellen Loves: SLEEPING! She also loves her hazelnut coffee, and Starburst candy... as she should. Because Ellen is just as sweet as those delicious candies!

So, having covered what we love in our own homes, here's what we love at work: YOU!!!

Please enjoy this slideshow of our 2015 moments, we so enjoyed living them with you all and cannot wait for 2016's new ones!

xoxoxoxo Laurie, Jenn, Jenny & Ellen!

Newborn Baby Boys and Smiles and Big Sisters Part Two! Chicago Newborn Photographer


Annnnnd here is Part Two of this adorable newborn session with this adorable family!   Loved meeting these new clients, and loved cuddling this little angel!  Enjoy these family shots, and check out Part One on the blog if you missed it last week!

Newborn Baby Boy Smiles and Big Sisters Part One! Chicago Newborn Photographer


This cutie! We love when clients refer their loved ones to this, and meeting awesome new families like this one is such an honor. They are the most wonderful, down-to-earth, Wisconsin natives (like our Jenn!), and getting to photograph this darling boy was such a treat!  He certainly was alert and giving our cameras some serious model looks. We love that little smile and that sweetie big sister!  Thank you for choosing Soben Studios for your family's most special memories!

Favorites and Snoozes and Squishies Part Three Chicago Newborn Photographer


Our final visit to this session that we truly love so much shows this sweetest baby all wrapped in white, still snoozing away. If you missed Part One or Two of this session, please check them out!  She was sweet for every snap, and we just can't get enough. Here's our Happy New Year post to ring in 2016 with some seriously precious moments.

Favorites and Snoozes and Squishies Part Two Chicago Newborn Photographer


And she's back!  One of our most favorite sessions of the year, introduced to you here in Part One a few days ago, here is Part Two of Three!   Just look at this little doll. We're mildly obsessed.

Favorites and Snoozes and Squishies Part One Chicago Newborn Photographer


It's hard to choose favorites when you have so many darling babies and families come through into our lives, but we have to say, this tiny miss is UP THERE!  We just can't get enough of this session and this darling girl.  Her little sleeping face, her cuddly everything, and the way she perfectly wears a headband?   It's too much!  This is part one of three blogs coming of this session, because we had to share the deliciousness with as much as possible! Thank you so much for trusting us with these first memories, we are honored by families like yours!

Sleeping Sweetheart Part Two Chicago Newborn Photographer


We showed you the gorgeous new parents of this sleepy angel in Part One, and here are the sweet solo shots of this little love.  Soft and snugly and sweetie and YUM!!  We can't say it enough, we love newborn babies! Thank you again for choosing Soben for these precious first memories, we are honored you thought of us!

Sleeping Sweetheart Part One Chicago Newborn Photographer


Here is Part One of this truly happy little newborn session!  The sweetness of new babies is through the roof, and this little honey was no exception!  These brand new parents (who look way too good to have a baby that tiny!) have so much love for their sleepy angel here, and we can see why.  We just loved being a part of this adorable and snugly session.  Stay tuned for Part Two as the sleep snuggles continue next week! Thank you for choosing Soben to capture these first precious memories, we love families like you!

Tiniest Football Fan in Town Chicago Newborn Photographer


A snuggly baby and fan parents makes for a fun session, but that same little baby being a great sleeper?  DREAMY!   We loved capturing these darling moments for the new little brother of this wonderful family.  We love watching families grow, and this family is such a fun crew.  What a sweetie their newest addition is, especially in his little knitted football cap! Thank you, J Family, for letting us share in these sweet memories with you!

Teeny Little Doll Chicago Newborn Photographer


We just love meeting people who are wonderful to work with, and The W Family are some of the best we've had the pleasure to have in the studio!  We were lucky enough to cuddle with their darling baby girl in her first days of life, and she was just as angelic as she looks.  What a little doll for such great parents! Thank you, W Family, for allowing us to be the ones to capture these very precious days in your life!

Coolest Roadsters in Town! Chicago Newborn Photographer


You know what's even more fun than getting to watch families grow and babies turn into adorable toddlers and kids?  Getting to capture all that in their dad's amazing custom car shop, which brings so many memories back for Laurie, as her own dad was a custom car enthusiast as well!  Check out this daddy's amazing business over at Roadster Shop, and take a minute to wish you had a dad this awesome! Thank you, G Family, for letting us be a part of so many memories for your growing family for so many years, we are so honored to always be trusted with your most precious moments!

Sweetest Teeniest Squishiest Newest Baby Girl! Chicago Newborn Photographer


In our opinion, the only thing better than getting to snuggle on a brand new sweetie baby, is getting to meet them as the newest member of a wonderful family we know and love!  We've been fortunate enough to work with the C Family for over a few years now, and it's nothing short of a privilege and honor to be asked to capture their precious memories.  This little sweetheart is very lucky, being born into such a loving and fun family, with two darling siblings all set to love on her!

Thank you, C Family, for choosing us for your memories time and again!

Itsy Bitsy Chicago Newborn Photographer


The itsy bitsy baby was snug as a bug in a rug.