Reserved for Three / The Goodness

Clayton Austin writes about The Goodness. Maybe for you, The Goodness is eating the last chocolate chip cookie that no one else claimed.  Sometimes, the Goodness is finding the favorite sock you've turned your house upside down for. To me, it is my  children running up to me after school with a smile and a hug and a leap into my arms. It is hearing the words flow freely from my daughter, it is listening to my son play piano.

The Goodness is inside jokes you share with your best friend. The sound of your Mom's voice when you haven't talked to her for a week. It is the subtle glances that families share, the tender look that needs no words. The Goodness is soft whispers and sweet giggles. The Goodness is love - everlasting.

In the session below not only did I see it, I FELT it with every shutter click. And for this very special session, finding The Goodness was always the goal.

The Goodness is all around you. You just need to remember to look. Do you see it?