Introducing: Jenny! New Studio Assistant and Soben Family Member!

New teammate signing in here: I'm Jenny! Yes, this means we have added another Jennifer to the team, but not to be confused with our fabulous studio manager, Jenn/Jennifer.  This is Jenny which is a vastly different name. :) I am so excited to join Soben Studios, lend a hand wherever I can, and to get to know all of the wonderful clients that come through for some memory-making! To properly introduce myself, here are five things about me, and a photo so you can put a face to the voice if you happen to call in while I'm working!

1. I watch too much reality TV. Like...way too much. Too much for any self-respecting Engligh Lit major who also goes to a lot of book clubs. E!, Bravo, MTV (oh that one is embarrassing), you name it, I watch it. Speaking of, I think Teen Mom 2 is on right now... 2. I love to dance! I grew up in dance, was a cheerleader for a million years, and can be found having major dance parties with my two-year-old daughter, Piper in our living room most evenings. 3. I am addicted to Dr.Pepper in a serious, borderline clinical way. When I've given it up in the past, for pregnancy or lame attempts at health, I have pretty much lost all my personality and sense of humor. The world is better when I'm thoroughly full of Dr. Pepper. 4. I am from Phoenix, and would take 122 degree heat over one drop of snow any day! 5. I never, ever, EVER wanted children, then I met my now-husband, and I somehow have a gorgeous little toddler girl, AND a baby boy on the way this winter! He is obviously into witchcraft or something.

That's me in a very small nutshell, looking forward to getting to know everyone in the Soben Circle!



My sweetie, Piper, and I this past Christmas!