Happy New Year!

Wow - this must be the longest that I've gone without a post. The holiday wrap up of course was busy, and then we took a delightful and deserved two weeks off. And now it is time to start the new year off right - with lots of new and exciting things! Stay tuned for information about our new website debut (I can't wait to share!). Speaking of launches, our new photo boutique will soon open in downtown Deerfield. Not only is the boutique in a great spot for shots, but it will also feature many of the products that Soben fans have come to love - from canvas to coffee table books, from paperweights to pop art (and every photo product inbetween). I hope to share some pictures of the boutique with you soon, along with an updated post featuring some of the products and projects I've been working on this week. Thanks for your patience, and for reading! Happy New Year - may 2008 be great for all of you.