Glowing Mama-to-Be! Part Three Happy Mother's Day! Chicago Maternity Photographer



Oh how we love mothers, we ARE mothers, and are thrilled to capture amazing moms like the one featured here today!  Wrapping up our beautiful three-part maternity session today feels so good on a day celebrating all things Mommy!  Stay tuned next week to meet the sweet baby that belongs to this beautiful mom!

From all of us in the Soben Family, to all our friends, clients, and loved ones, Happy Mother's Day!  What a wonderful thing, to be and love a mom!

Those Eyes! One Year Session Chicago Baby Photographer


Well, we may be a bit behind on this one (he may be around two now...), but it was too cute to leave off the blog!  We've been photographing this family and their cuties for awhile, and dreamy eyes is featured here in his one year session looking cute as ever!  Thank you to this fabulous family for always thinking of us for these memories, we just love watching these dolls grow.

2014 Year in Review

Every year, I sit down to create our year in review slideshow. It is one of the hardest things I do every year, and also one of the most rewarding. I love looking back at all of the amazing people we've met along the way - many of whom have become friends in addition to clients. I love peeking back through every session, and I love to see all of your beautiful, joyful faces. The year in review slideshow reinforces everything I love about photography.

Truly, I am grateful for each and every one of you - thank you for inviting me into your hearts ... because you will forever be in mine.

Welcome, 2015. Let's do it all over again!!


PS The slideshow is full of favorite images from the sessions I am allowed to share. If you do not see your portraits in the video, please know you were not (and never could be!) forgotten - I just didn't have your permission to share your images publicly.

Fashion Friday | Chicago Family Photographer

Sure, we are approaching fall, but we aren't there yet, so we are sharing a little sample of how you can keep that warmth around or prepare for the cool of fall. This color palette works beautifully for the beach, the forest, or even fall leaves. 5

A Loyal Friend | Glencoe Family Photographer

Give a boy a dog and you've furnished him a playmate. --Berton BraleyChicagoChildrenPhoto

Work it Out | Chicago Fitness and Photography

We are so excited about a new business partnership and I just can't wait to tell you more!! We've joined forces with Prenatal Fit in Lincoln Park. How I wish this fitness boutique were around when I was pregnant!! Chicago moms, please check them out. And look for a Soben Studios display coming soon!
Prenatal Fit is a gym catering to women before, during and after pregnancy. We have  variety of classes on the schedule to choose from.  All are classes are adaptable for both pregnant and postnatal women. Classes range from Strength on the ball,  to Nia, to Zumba, to Ballet Barre and Pilates.  We also offer a variety of mommy and me classes, from Mommy and me bootcamp, mommy and me yoga, , mommy and me baby bjorn aerobics and mommy and me pilates.  We also offer a few fertility yoga classes during the week for women who are trying to get pregnant and women who are going through IVF treatments.
We also offer workshops and specialty classes.  The workshops range from Baby care to labor and delivery classes to CPR certification for babies/toddlers.  Our specialty classes are Tiny tunemakers- a early music class and tumbling intro to gymnastics class and stay tuned for our...... ballet slippers.
Both Zumba and Nia are great cardio options for both preggo and non preggo. They both are such fun workouts that you don't even know that you're getting a fab workout  at the same time. Ballet Barre is also very popular  workout that we offer  everybody can benefit from strong legs and behind.
Image courtesy of Prenatal Fit.


Pretty and Poised | Chicago Commercial Photographer

Is it my distorted memory, or are young adults simply more beautiful than we used to be? I look back at my high school photos and wince: curly hair before the invention of "product." You get the picture - and it isn't as  pretty as our model below. This young woman has beauty AND brains, a heart of gold and a strong family behind her .... AND ambitious plans for a future in theater. We're sure you'll go far, D! Just promise, you'll remember us when.... - LN chicagoteenportrait

Tee Time | Chicago Newborn Photography

Daddy has a new golf partner! But while he may be ready to toss one back after a full day on the links, this little guy will be nursing a baby bottle, then a sippy cup, at the 19th hole. - LN chicagonewbornphoto5

Falling in Love | Chicagoland Family Photographs

Rem when there were leaves on the trees? Truly feels like it's been ages! They're coming back, though ... I can feel spring in my blood. As we've had the honor of visiting with this family every six months and documenting their growth for years, we've truly fallen in love with them. I think you will, too.


Ruffles & Roses | Chicago North Shore Baby Photography

Saka chicagobabyphotography  

This princess is the light of her parents' life, and she was one of our all-time most cooperative little ones. We're so glad to have met you! Looking forward to seeing you again soon, and creating more imagery together.


Supporting Some Very Special Moms | Giving Back

Karen Dove Cabral FoundationSometimes life feels really tough, especially for moms with young children. But imagine being a young mom and discovering you have breast cancer, or even worse, being pregnant, raising young children, and learning you have breast cancer.

Enter the Evanston-based Karen Dove Cabral Foundation, a one-of-a-kind resource for young mothers battling breast cancer while managing the same challenges we all face in raising children. Unlike other organizations that are dedicated to raising money to combat breast cancer, the Karen Dove Cabral Foundation is unique in its focus on improving the quality of life for young mothers fighting breast cancer, and providing vital assistance by paying for critical treatments and services not covered by insurance.

Please join Soben Studios in supporting this fantastic organization.

On Friday, October 18th, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm, at Equinox, 799 Central Avenue, Highland Park, come enjoy a fun and memorable evening with food, drinks, a silent auction, and a yoga practice for all levels benefiting the Karen Dove Cabral Foundation.

$25 donation is suggested. ALL money goes directly to the Karen Dove Cabral Foundation.

For more information, and to reserve your spot, please contact , Amy Levy  amylevy1884@att.net, Sara Lewis srfl@hotmail.com  or Beth Prager  bethreva@yahoo.com .

'Lashes and Laughter / North Shore Children's Photographer

You may recognize this gorgeous girl. We've been photographing her since birth. Not only is she one of our most stunning subjects -- can you say "eyelashes"?! -- she has a truly joyful spirit. M, we had the best time laughing with you! -- LN

Who Says Blondes Have More Fun? / North Shore Teen Photography

Do these sisters really get along this well? Makes me really wish I had a sister. Mom pulled off a great surprise for Dad's new office: a photo session and a wall gallery! What a priceless gift -- it makes every day Father's Day. - LN

Don't Save a Tree - Please Print

from Laura Nye.... My father died three weeks ago.

The wounds are raw. I'm told that with time, they will begin to heal, but that there will always be an emptiness.

During his final week, when he was comfortable in his own bed with hospice care (shout out to the wonderful Midwest Palliative & Hospice Care), my brother and I tried to divert ourselves (we were anything but comfortable) by spending countless hours pouring over family photo albums, carefully prying our favorite snapshots off yellowed sticky album pages and sliding them our of plastic sleeves to assemble collages celebrating my father's life.

We laughed and cried over memories long forgotten, cringed over adolescent images we would have liked to forget, and ached as we gazed at pictures of my father's decades of youthfulness.

Do you know what I was thinking? That my husband proudly has 15,000 digital photos that live on the computer (including 100's from my son's self-portrait series of his big toe).  I shudder at the thought of ever going through them, fearing that it will never be possible.  What is going to happen when my kids want to look at their family albums? What are the chances that future technology will be compatible, that they will ever see these images if we they remain digital?

More and more of our clients opt to purchase digital files. We wonder what becomes of these images. Does the disc languish in a desk drawer?

It goes without saying that I am beyond thankful that it was important to my parents to document our family's life: to decorate their walls with professional family photos taken over the decades, even if they showcase me and my brother in matching outfits; or my dad's oh-so-stylish plaid pants; or my mom's bad 80's perm. (Thankfully, these portraits have found their way to the upstairs walls.) The more recent pictures: my kids as babies, then preschoolers, then skiing with the grandparents, are proudly displayed downstairs on tabletops and bookshelves.

And with endless gratitude to Laurie, there is a prominent wall gallery featuring my family, captured just after my father's cancer was diagnosed, when my father was still himself, when we were all together, and hopeful. Even though we knew....

The albums are tucked away, treasures to be periodically discovered, but the wall images (even those that I barely notice) are etched on my brain.  The moments and memories are preserved, not just for my parents, but for me, my children and their children.

The lesson (besides that losing a parent sucks): Print your images. Cherish them. They are your lifeline.

Growing Girls / Chicagoland Kids Photography

One of the best parts of our job is watching the little ones grow. (Funny how they're getting older, but we aren't.)

Baby D, we knew you when you were in Mommy's belly, and even then, K, we knew what an AWESOME big sister you'd be. It is always a delight to see you! - LN

World of Wonder | Chicago Baby Photographer

Being a photographer is hard work, but sometimes, it's even harder being a subject: a strange place, a strange camera, new people (note I didn't say "strange").  It can be a lot for a little one. Sweet little K wasn't sure what to make of the whole event. Can't you just look into those big soulful eyes and see her wonderment?  -- LN

Friends for Life / North Shore Twins Photographer

Usually, nothing brings panic to a photographer - even a well-seasoned mother of 5 - more than mobile twins. But this charming duo (check out those eyes!) didn't even make us break a sweat. (Sorry mom, we know you've got your hands FULL at home.) T & H, you were simply delightful to photograph! Never, have we had one year old twins  "take direction" like you, and there are two of you! We hope we'll get to meet your older siblings soon. - LN

Go Team USA: Olympics Fun for All / Just for Fun

It's hard to miss the Olympics buzz, and my kids are certainly excited about the 2012 Games, but with a limited attention span (hopefully NBC will do a better job editing/broadcasting these games than they've done in the past - JMO), how can I make Olympic viewing a fun family activity and even a learning experience at the same time? Leave it to one of my favorite websites to have some suggestions: Common Sense Media. If you're not familiar with this website, I highly recommend it!

  • Is the new Ice Age movie appropriate for a Kindergartener?
  • My child wants to see the new Batman movie, but I think he's a little young.
  • Are there any new iPhone apps for my preschooler?

These and MANY more questions are answered for parents seeking to be media-savvy.

I'm definitely going to be turning to Common Sense Media's family guide to Olympic viewing as well as their ideas for turning the Olympics into teachable moments. Plus more great ideas for kids of all ages. - LN

Fourth of July: Embracing Independence / Deerfield Family Photographer

In the spirit of the Independence Day holiday, Soben Studios wants to give a giant pat on the back to all those devoted parents who seek to nurture their children's independence -- only to find themselves gritting their teeth and cursing in exasperation their toddlers' "Me do!", "No!" independent spirit. Just one more of those parenting challenges that you thought you understood until you actually lived it. If it's any consolation, we've all been there... and we're used to dealing with strong, independent kids. That's why you turn to us for your family photographs.

If you're looking for a family friendly Independence Day celebration, come visit Deerfield. From a pancake breakfast, to a petting zoo, ponies and kiddie rides, and a small-town parade, Deerfield is a great place to enjoy the day. We'll be at the parade, which begins at noon, so come say "hi." The studio, 829 Waukegan Road, is on the parade route, and we'll be stationed there with freebies for the kids. (Quantities are limited.)

Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July! Hope to see you.  -LN