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Family of Three Cuteness Chicago Family Photographer


This family is nothing but amazing in front of the camera!  Not only are they simply gorgeous, but all this  love for their adorable baby is heart-melting.  One whole year of being parents and a family of three is so special, we are honored to capture such a sweet time in this family's life.

Our Studio | Chicago Suburbs Child Baby Newborn Family Photographer

Well, it only took me 7 months to blog about our new studio! We've just been so busy taking care of our clients, that things like our new studio space took a back seat. However, I am so excited to share our new digs with you -- the space is just lovely and I can't wait to see many of you there! Our new studio is located in downtown Highwood, directly above a nail salon (how perfect is that!?). We've got tons of shooting space, with a great brick wall to enjoy. By far my favorite feature is our bay window, and it has been so much fun experimenting with the lighting there. The window is fabulous for newborn work, but it really shines with maternity silhouettes.

We've always got fresh coffee and tea waiting for you, great books, and our free wifi. Come see us soon!

Holiday Cheer & Happy New Year | Chicago Family Photographer

Thank you to all of our amazing clients for another fabulous year. Thanks to you, we are able to make a generous donation in your name to the children's toy fund at Children's Memorial Hospital. Thank you for sharing your smiles with us, and for enabling us to bring smiles to children in need of good cheer. May your holiday season and new year be full of laughter, love and good health.

With love,

The Soben Studios Family

I have NOTHING to Wear!!!

But what do we WEAR??? Clients are always asking for ideas on what to wear and how to coordinate clothing. So welcome to the first post of our What to Wear series. Our current clients are familiar with the detailed guides we send out ahead of your sessions to help you get ready -but as styles are always changing we thought we'd keep you in-the-know with our clothing series. Hope you enjoy!!



Special thanks to Michelle Anderson of Pinkle Toes Photography for sharing the beautiful imagery.


Some recents

Hi, blog readers! Things have been busy around here, so I am putting two beauties in one post. Both of these girls are going into kindergarten next fall, and both are some of the sweetest children I've gotten to photograph. The black and white is a natural light in studio shot, and the others were shot at outdoor locations around the studio.Enjoy the peaks!

Beautiful Baby Girl

WARNING: Large showcase ahead. I just couldn't help it - this little one stole my heart. She would barely stop smiling.... until we brought out the books. Goes to show you that she is both beautiful AND smart. Who could ask for more? For the photographers that have asked about our lighting setups ... all of these shots were taken inside our new studio, using only natural light.

Can you BELIEVE these eyelashes!!!???!!!!

New Life

Would you believe this little one is so perfect, he actually arrived ON his due date? Only three weeks old, and already he is an amazingly good listener. Wish I could say the same of my own children! Welcome to the world, "A". Here is your worldwide web debut.....