Because light moves and inspires us, it is an integral part of our vision for your session. Consequently, all sessions are scheduled during morning hours to ensure the soft, beautiful light that is the foundation of our work. 

studio sessions

Our natural light studio is located in Highwood, a lake front suburb along Chicago’s North Shore. Our suburban North Shore neighborhood blends small city sophistication with upscale village charm. The studio is a comforting and calm place for babies, children and parents. We keep a wide variety of simple props- from hats to headbands, blankets to baskets. Most all of our props are made from organic fabrics and materials. We take great care to ensure the safety and comfort of you and your child during your photography portrait session.  You are also welcome to take advantage of our growing studio wardrobe. 



Field Sessions take place in one of several select outdoor locations that we are intimately familiar with, and which meet our high standards for environmental portraiture. The locations for our field sessions are all tried and true, and promise exceptional light and beauty. As safety, privacy and security are very important to us, we only photograph at locations that meet our standards. We hold licenses and permits for the locations that we use. 

For our field sessions, we choose the location based on a myriad of factors. Often, we do not decide on the exact location until the week of your session, to ensure the optimal scenery is in place - without distraction. 

When shooting younger ones on-location, a stroller is recommended. You’ll also want to bring water, snack(s)* and wipes or Kleenex. Older kids might appreciate a mirror or brush – and of course, something to drink. Lastly, our field sessions generally do involve walking through various terrains, so appropriate foot ware is strongly recommended. You can always put your heels in the stroller until we arrive at our location. 


What if it rains?

For outdoor sessions, we can generally shoot during light rain. Heavy storms or strong winds, however, are a problem and we will need to reschedule. We are always closely watching the weather forecasts and in the event inclement weather is predicted, we will be in touch with you the day before the session so we can discuss the various considerations.

What about illness? 

A quick note about illness - sick happens. If you think your child is feeling under the weather, please let us know at the first signs of illness. We will likely need to reschedule. We strive to make sessions fun, and a sick child will not enjoy the session. We wont be able to capture their true, unbridled spirit, and honestly we can not t retouch puffy, watery eyes or red noses. As mothers ourselves, we completely understand how unpredictable childhood illness can be. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you or your children are not feeling well.