Getting to Know You

The number one comment overheard at the conclusion of our session is dad's declaration, "that was much more fun than I thought it would be!" To be sure, the entire proceedings are relaxed and easy going, the polar opposite of what you may have come to expect when "portraits" are on the agenda.  The end result? Beautiful images that are full of life and yet artistically refined or, as I like to think of ever-so-slightly prettier them, "an version of real."

We’d like to get to know you, and we ask all of our clients to kindly fill out our “Getting to Know You” form. It is your chance to share with us some info about you, your family, your goals, your vision, and anything else you want us to know. The more we know about your objectives, your kids’ personalities, interests, fears, the better prepared we will be. By knowing your child’s favorite characters, the faster we can connect with you and your children. 

This form also contains a wee bit of lawyer-speak. (OK, maybe not a wee bit. Lawyers are not known for being short and to the point.) But there’s nothing in there that should cause you any concern. Just some studio policies, as well as your consent (or lack thereof) for us to share favoriteimages in our blog or our facebook– no names. We know we’ll be excited about your images and we’ll be eager to show them off, but only with your OK.

Seriously, this form will take about 3 minutes, and it truly helps us make sure your session is everything YOU want it to be.

Though you will receive a separate email with the link to our questionnaire, you can also access the form HERE.