Baby Sessions: A Discovery

Why do we call this the “Discovery” Session? From discovering his toes, showing off teeth, sitting, crawling, and even walking, your baby is discovering the world around her and the wondrous things she can accomplish. You are discovering your baby’s unique personality and what makes her tick. This is an essential time to document your baby’s milestones. The changes come fast, and we want to help you capture the precious milestones. 


What to Expect 

Like your newborn session, baby sessions are an organic combination of sweet glances and smiles, natural play, and simple clothing. 

Baby 6 – 12 weeks:

Swaddling. Young babies have lots of moving body parts, so expect baby under 2 months old to be swaddled. (We are swaddle experts!)  We have lots of wraps, and simple, tasteful accessories, but you’re welcome to bring any special blankets or hats, or even a stuffed animal.

Props. Depending on baby’s size and temperament, we may place baby in one of our many varieties of baskets or boxes. However, the choice to do so is completely dependent upon baby and safety. 

Please communicate with us regarding any specific props or setups to ensure that your vision it is in line with what we typically offer and feel is safe. 


Coughs and Colds

If your child is sick or feeling “under the weather”, kindly call us to reschedule and/or to discuss your concerns. We are mother ourselves, and we understand that sometimes children get sick. We want your child to enjoy the photo session, and a sick child may not feel like having her portraits taken. We realize you have only the best of intentions, but please refrain from giving your kids cold medication or Benadryl prior to the shoot. While it might temper the symptoms, it’s also likely to dull your child’s personality and we’ll lose the ability to capture her true sparkle. Photoshop can work miracles, but it cannot improve the glassy eyes of a sick child. We would appreciate if you could call to reschedule as soon as it’s apparent your child is ill. Thank you for your consideration on this matter.

Notes about feeding… 

For our younger babies that are breastfed, please consider following our recommended guidelines for breastfed newborns found in the newborn section of this guide. 

For older babies eating their first foods, we can’t caution enough about avoiding the “orange” foods the day before and the day of your session. Often orange foods like pureed carrots can leave a “glow” upon your baby’s otherwise beautiful skin. The glow may not be noticeable to the naked eye, but my camera sees it every time. 

What to Wear

Wardrobe for Baby


Keep it simple. You want to keep the focus on baby, not baby’s clothing.  We like naked baby pictures. (Of course, “privates” are always covered, but when it comes to baby bottoms, we’re certainly smitten.) Plain onesies are the ideal “outfit,” but feel free to bring several outfits and we can advise you on wardrobe. Diaper covers are also a great option, and photograph beautifully. (We have an assortment at the studio).


  • collars - they tend to fold up, which is both unphotogenic and annoying to baby
  • boldly patterns outfits
  • appliqués/writing
  • footed onesies
  • overalls
  • tights and large hair accessories
  • barefoot is best.

Wardrobe for parents

We recommend keeping your clothing simple, following the previously mentioned color guidelines. Creams and grays are lovely choices. A simple beige colored tank is always welcomed. 

What to bring


We use a multitude of neutral colored blankets, baskets and simple wooden toys as props for babies and small children in addition to subtly colorful yet simple books which hold the child’s interest and enable us to photograph “real moments and expressions,”  - not forced, posed looks. If you have items at home along these lines that you would like to incorporate into the session, by all means bring them! It will add a personal touch to your images.

As well, if your child has a cherished “lovey” or any special item, we will be happy to use it during part of the session.  A few examples are a first teddy bear, a special blanky or snuggly, or even an heirloom piece, such as daddy’s baby blanket.  And if you don’t have anything to add, that’s okay too!